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Submissions are now being invited for symposium proposals. Submissions should be prepared in accordance with the procedures set out below. We look forward to receiving your contributions.
After filling in the proposal form attached below, or inserting the required information into the body of an e-mail, please ensure that your application is sent to the Meeting Secretariat y z by no later than Friday, December 4, 2009.



Symposium title
Organizer's name and affiliated institution, and contact details
(e-mail address, telephone number, fax number)
Names and affiliated institutions of symposium presenters
Title of presentation by each symposium presenter
Goals and outline of symposium (simple explanation in less than 100 English words or 200 Japanese characters)
(All items in English, optionally with Japanese translation)

Applicants will be informed whether their proposed symposium has been accepted, integrated with another, or rejected in early January 2009, after having been reviewed by the Program Committee. In light of the outcome, please register your presentation (including English abstracts for all symposium presenters) during the presentation registration period.


There will be 41 symposia in total, of which approximately 15 will be selected from those submitted through this application process. The timeframe for each symposium is two-and-a-half hours. Each symposium should include four to six presenters. Presentations are to be given in English, while questions and answers can be in either English or Japanese.


At the time of your proposal we request that you will have already obtained the informal consent of the planned organizers and symposium presenters. If consent has not been gained, please indicate this in the name column, by adding (to be contacted) or (under negotiation), etc.


In order to make the Annual Meeting more international we welcome symposium proposals that include foreign researchers. Symposium organizers are responsible for arranging travel and other expenses for presenters and organizers, as the Annual Meeting organizers will not offer any financial support. However, the registration fee for the Meeting will be waived for symposium presenters who are not members of the three hosting societies.

The program committee may request merging of proposed symposia with similar topics, replacement of presenters,, or inclusion of regular presenters into a symposium. We therefore request that at this current point in time you do not offer any guarantees regarding the holding of a symposium to candidates.

Individuals are limited to a single presentation as main author during the Meeting. Please be aware that symposium presenters may not give presentations at more than one symposium, nor may they give a regular presentation.

There are some symposia that will receive corporate sponsorship.
After a decision has been made on which symposia will be eligible for sponsorship, those companies that have expressed an interest in providing sponsorship will be contacted once again by the secretariat. We ask for your understanding.
(If a company is selected to sponsor a symposium)

The company will be requested to cover the costs of holding the symposium (including the transportation costs for speakers invited from overseas, etc.). There is a ceiling on costs for supporting symposium costs.


After the title of the symposium, the company name will be displayed in the following format: gSponsored by XXXX.h


The above format will be used to display the names of sponsoring companies on the convention website and also in the program booklet.


In the relevant program section of the convention website (list of companies) a link will be provided to the sponsoring companyfs website.

During the symposium corporate advertising is prohibited.

The only documents that are permitted during the symposium are those that have been approved by the convention organizer and secretariat.


The organizers are free to add a sponsoring company to a symposium. If you find a company willing to sponsor a symposium, please notify the convention secretariat.
However, please note that for symposia that already have a sponsoring company in place, or for public symposia, the proposal regarding the candidate sponsoring company will be examined closely before a final decision is made on whether to accept the sponsorship proposal. Please do not make any advance assurances to companies concerning the likelihood of their offer of sponsorship being accepted.

The organizers and themes of the following symposia, held under the auspices of the three hosting societies, have already been decided. However, the themes and organizers may change.
Japan Neuroscience Society : 2 Symposia

JNS-SfN- FENS-ANS Special Symposium
Organizer: Osamu Sakura,
Theme: Neuroethics


Integrated symposium of basic and clinical neuroscience with Future Planning Committee
Planned and supervised by Tadafumi Kato, Shigeo Okabe
Theme: Mental Disorders (Schizophrenia or Mood Disorders) Being prepared

Japanese Society for Neurochemistry : 3 Symposia (planned)

Japanese Society for Neurochemistry Symposium
Organizers: Toru Nishikawa, Shigenobu Kanba
Theme: Molecular and Cellular Basis for Depression


Joint Program with Other Academic Societies (2 Symposia)

Japanese Neural Network Society : 1 Symposia

INCF Symposium (1 Symposia) Organizer: Shiro Usui


In addition to the above, approximately 15 symposia are currently planned by the Program Committee. The topics of these program committee-planned symposia will be notified on this website by the beginning of November.


In addition, we should draw to your attention the fact that Neuroinformatics2010 is scheduled to be held ahead of the Annual Meeting from August 30 to September 1, 2010, at the same venue. We therefore also welcome symposium proposals on neuroinformatics themes.

Details of Neuroinformatics2010 can be found here :y >>> z

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