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If you have registered in advance
[ Participants who have registered by August 5th ]
Please wear to the Meeting the Meeting ID (name card) that you have received in advance. Name card holders areavailable at the Sign-in Desk. People without a Meeting ID (name card) will not be permitted to enter.
[ Participants who have registered after August 5th ]
Program book and a Meeting ID (name card) will be given to you at the Advance Registration Desk. Please present thegConfirmation sheeth which has been sent to you by e-mail to the representative at the desk.
[ Participants from Overseas ]
Program book and a Meeting ID (name card) will be given to you at the Overseas Participants Desk. Please present thegConfirmation sheethwhich has been sent to you by e-mail to the representative at the desk.
If you are registering on the day of the conference
Please register at the Onsite Registration Desk at Kobe Int'l Exhibition Hall (referred to as Exhibition Hall) No. 2 (1F) or at the Kobe Intfl Conference Center (referred to as Conference Center). Please pick up a Registration Form at the Sign in Desk and fill it in before bringing it to the Onsite Registration Desk. All payments must be made in cash (Japanese Yen).
After paying your registration fee, you will be given (1) a Meeting ID (name card) and (2) the Meeting program. You
must wear your Meeting ID (name card) at all times while inside the Meeting venue.
Admission charges are listed below.
[Members] @
ERegular JPY 17,000
EPostgraduate Student JPY 2,000
EUndergraduate Student Free
ERegular JPY 19,000
EPostgraduate Student JPY 4,000
EUndergraduate Student Free
1. For postgraduate and undergraduage students, Please show your student ID at Registration Desk.
2. Undergraduate students who are not giving a presentation as a first/presenting author are admitted free of charge.
Registration Desk Opening Hours
EThursday, September 2nd@ 8:00|19:30@
EFriday, September 3rd @8:00|19:00
ESaturday, September 4th @8:00|15:30
The NeuroSocial reception brings together researchers active at the forefront of their respective fields together with young researchers (including undergraduates, postgraduates, and post-doctoral students) working in a range of different fields, in an event where participants can circulate freely with drink in hand. Plenary lecturers and symposium presenters are also invited to attend, meaning that participants will have the chance to speak with famous researchers. Travel Award recipients are invited too. You can look forward to opportunities to exchange informationwith also researchers from around the world. In addition, the menu will include a wide range of famous Kobe products.
The onsite registration will not be possible if the number of participants reached the maxmum capacity. Advance
Registration is highly recommended.
EDate: Friday, September 3rd, 19:30`@
EPlace: Room KAIRAKU at Kobe Portopia Hotel
EFee (onsite): Regular JPY 5,000
Postgraduate Student JPY 3,000
Undergraduate Student JPY 2,000
All of the abstracts which will be presented at Neuro2010 are to be published online in Supplemental Issue of Neuroscience Research (with some exceptions).
Neuroscience Research Supplemental Issue is not published as printed material,If you wish to seach and view the abstracts in Neuro2010, the online abstract search / view tools are available.
Please see "Online Abstract Search / View Tools".
Attending Neuro2010 is recognized by the societies listed below as a credit toward their training programs as specialist doctors, board-certified doctors, and trainee board-certified pharmacists. If you are enrolled in any of these training programs, please do take advantage of the system.
Japanese Society of Neurology
Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology
Japanese Society of Child Neurology
Japanese Psychogeriatric Society
Japanese Society of Ryodoraku Medicine

To obtain training points toward renewal of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology specialist qualification, please show your Psychiatric Specialist Certification Test Certificate (point card) at the JSPN Point Registration Desk near the Registration Desk and a staff member will register your points.
For other academic societies, please submit your Meeting ID and receipt to the relevant society concerned and apply for the credit yourself. Please inquire with the relevant society concerned for further information.
@y For More Information z
As the number of lunchboxes available for luncheon seminars is limited, numbered tickets will be distributed at the Luncheon Seminar Ticket Desk in Exhibition Hall No. 2 for LS1, 2, 6, 7, 11, 12 or in the foyer on the 3rd floor of the Conference Center for LS3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15) on the morning of the day of each seminar (from 8 a.m. when the registration desk opens, first-come first-served). Tickets are limited to one per person.
You must show your Meeting ID (name card) in order to receive a ticket.
In addition, the Food Court will be open on the first floor of Exhibition Hall No. 1, providing meals for participants. Please feel free to use this service, but please note that quantities are limited.

Participants can not be paged while inside of the Meeting venue by means of slides or the public address system. Please use the message board near the Registration Desk.

Please use the cloakroom either in the foyer of Exhibition Hall No. 2 or in the foyer of the 3rd floor in Conference Center.
Please be aware that the cloakrooms are unable to accept valuables or umbrellas.
Opening Hours
EThursday, September 2nd @8:00|20:00
EFriday, September 3rd @8:00|20:00
ESaturday, September 4th @8:00|17:30
The Equipment Exhibition, Academia Exhibition and Book Selling will be held in Exhibition Hall No.1 (1F & 2F).
EThursday, September 2nd @9:00|17:00
EFriday, September 3rd @9:00|17:00
ESaturday, September 4th @9:00|17:00
@y For More Information z
Wireless Internet access and power outlets can be used throughout the whole venue.
Exhibition Hall No. 1 & 2
@Security Key is not required.
Conference Center
@SSID: neuro
@Security Key: neuro
Please bring your own computer, as the number of available laptop PCs in Exhibition Hall No. 2 is limited.
Drinks corners will be set up in Exhibition Hall No. 1 (1F & 2F) while the Meeting is in progress (September 2nd|4th).
@y For More Information z
Photography, video recording, and sound recording are prohibited within the Meeting venue.
Smoking is also prohibited within the venue.
JNS Members' Business Meeting
@Date and Time: Thursday, September 2nd, 13:00|14:00
@Venue: Room 3 (3B, Exhibition Hall No.2 (3rd floor))
JSN Board Members' Meeting
@Date and Time: Friday, September 3rd, 11:30|12:00
@Venue: Room 7 (401 & 402, Conference Center (4th floor))
JSN Members' Business Meeting
@Date and Time: Friday, September 3rd, 12:00|13:00
@Venue: Room 7 (401 & 402, Conference Center (4th floor))
JNNS Members' Business Meeting
@Date and Time: Friday, September 3rd, 14:00-15:00
@Venue: Room 10 (504 & 505, Conference Center (5th floor))
Open: Thursday, September 2nd through Saturday, September 4th
Venue: Room 2B (Exhibition Hall No.2, 2nd Floor)
Objective of Press Room and Conditions of Coverage
Information will be actively provided to media organizations as part of the PR activities of Neuro2010. For this purpose, a Press Room will be set up at the Meeting venue to assist reporters in covering the Meeting smoothly and enable more in-depth reporting, such as inviting presenters of interest for interviews within limits acceptable to the organizers of the Meeting.
Representatives of the media present at the Meeting should go to the General Information Desk and show their press credentials (freelance writers must show personal ID and copies of several published articles) and present their business cards in order to complete press registration. In the Meeting venue, they are asked to engage in reporting while wearing the press card or armband issued by the Meeting secretariat.
Representatives of the media are asked to invite those research presenters whom they are covering to the Press Room. Inside the Press Room they may take photographs, make recordings, or carry out interviews with the consent of the presenter concerned. In principle, photography, recordings, and interviews are not permitted at the venues for regular oral and poster presentations. The Press Room is also available as a working space for organizing information and writing or filing articles.
My Schedule online system
You can use the My Schedule abstract search system to search through all of the presentations by presenter, institution, presentation time, venue, and abstract over the Internet and create your own personal schedule. Use your self-determined user name and password to save your schedule. Please see the Program page on the Meeting web site for more details of on how to use the system.
Web site:
International Social for Young Researchers will be organized to promote active interactions among international young researchers who share common scientific interests. A poster session including self-introduction and buffet dinner will be held to promote active interactions among researchers.

Nichii Gakkan Kobe Port Island Center
ednesday, September 1
about 250 researchers (Overseas participants including Travel Award candidates, domestic and overseas researchers selected and the participants ofg Seminar for the Promotion of Young Researchers in Neurochemistryh.
Poster session (Main Conference Hall)
Buffet dinner (the restaurant inside the venue)
Supported by:
EOsaka University Global COE Program ; System Dynamics of Biological Function
EOsaka University Global COE Program ;
@Center of Human-friendly Robotics Based on Cognitive Neuroscience
EOsaka University Global COE Program ; Human Behavior and Socioeconomic Dynamics
@y For More Information z
Shuttle buses are available from JR Shin-Kobe Station to the Kobe Convention Center between 7:20 and 9:40AM on September 2nd. Boarding point at the JR Shin-Kobe Station is the driveway apron on the 1st floor of the station. Staff will lead the way to the designated point.
Luncheon seminars take place every day during the Meeting, however, the number of the lunch boxes available is limited.
Lunches are available at Food Court (1st floor, Exhibition Hall No.1) and there are several restaurants inside and around the venue.
ELuncheon Seminars
i 12F00`12F50j
Room 2 and 4 (Exhibition Hall No.2)
Room 5, 6 and 8 (Conference Center)
EFood Court
i 11F00`15F00j
Poster and Exhibition Room (1st floor, Exhibition Hall No.1)
A variety of local specialities are available at the reasonable price. There is a limit to the number.
ERestaurant inside the venue
Kitchen Planet (1st floor, Exhibition Hall No.1)
BENE BENE (1st floor, Conference Center)
EAround the venue
Check the Meeting website for details or refer to the ylunch mapz which are available at the venue.
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